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Emphasis on Quality

Pasiphae by Kokkinakis Premium EVOO is recognized in the Global Elite of quality olive oils.
Winning the Gold award at the Health & Nutrition Awards committee in May 2022, the Silver award at the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2020 and 2021, in conjunction with  the quality awards that won on 2019 at the Great Taste competition and on 2016 at London (London IOOC), prove that Pasiphae is a Constant Value in the globally recognized as quality olive oils.


Paying particular emphasis on quality we have proceeded to categorize the extra virgin olive oil into three quality categories, Premium, Extra Superior and Superior and defined the quality requirements for the classification in each category, as depicted in the Products link.

We considered it imperative to get an order in the current regime, which provides the classification in extra virgin all olive oils that have an acidity of less than or equal to 0.8%, even those that have a defect such as rancid, mold, sludge, etc., resulting in a confusion to consumers who cannot so distinguish the excellent, the very good, the good and the defective extra virgin olive oil.

Guided by the established quality requirements we put aim to produce from our estates and  market certified quality products and particularly a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil that stands out from the others with evidence the low acidity (≤ 0,3%), the non-detection of pesticide residues, the high polyphenols content (High Phenolic) certified by the Athens National University and excellent organoleptic characteristics (fruity, bitter, spicy).

Since 2016, when we launched our family-owned olive oil bottling company, Pasiphae by Kokkinakis Premium has been repeatedly awarded in international competitions for its excellent quality, with top distinction its awarding with one star on the internationally recognized competition Great Taste Awards 2019.


In addition, it is constantly awarded every year for the high levels of polyphenols it contains which give it enhanced health protection properties.

award 2017

The family business premises of bottling and selling olive oil with the alphanumeric EL40538, are located in the village Vassiliki, Gortyna Municipality, in the southern part of Crete Heraklion, with a capacity exceeding 50,000 Kg annually in different packages.

Our olive oil’s name Pasiphaë and the photos with the bull and the labyrinth in the labels, symbolize the Cretan origin of olive oil and the respect for the art of its production which is traced back to antiquity, as evidenced by the findings in Knosos and Phaistos of ancient Crete. Pasiphae was the wife of King Minos and mother of Minotaur.

By providing our partners and our customers with all the useful information about our olive oil, including its chemical and organoleptic analyzes, we want to consistently provide them with fully guaranteed, top-quality, safe, and beneficial health products.

In addition, we are in the final year of the three-year transitional phase required to certify our olive oil as organic.

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