We at Pasiphaë are the first who dared to establish quality classes with corresponding specifications in the extra virgin olive oil. Ιn an area where today dominates in all levels (cultivation, harvesting, oil extraction, standardization and market) the category that we characterize as Quality.

Given that the quality requirements established internationally for the extra virgin olive oil are limited only to acidity (≤ 0.8%), this permits to include in the extra virgin classification olive oils which do meet this requirement but have organoleptic defect as : musty-humidity, muddy sediment, winey-vinegary, metallic, rancid, heated or burned, hay-wood, rough, greasy, vegetable water, brine, esparto, earthy, grubby, cucumber.

The shift from this state toward the production of  excellent and  high quality extra virgin olive oil, as our Premium & Superior categories, requires rules, knowledge, effort and time. That is why today such olive oil is produced on a limited scale by individual producers and in small quantities.

To enable the production of Premium and Superior categories requires following strict conditions on the olive cultivation, the harvesting, in oil extraction and storage of the olive oil before standardization.