1. The above classification and quality requirements is our innovation and effort.
We set up rules and specifications to clarify the confusion and the gray that prevails over the EVOO, and so our partners and our friends will be able to know everything about our olive oil and that it is fully guaranteed.

2. The output of the first two categories, and particularly the first requires particular care and attention throughout the chain crop-harvesting-oil extraction-storage.
It is recommended to be used raw in salads, grilled dishes, in boiled or steamed vegetables, fish etc to enjoy its aromas and flavour  and to have the multiple benefits of health attributed to it due to the high levels of polyphenols that contains.

3. The quality characteristics for all categories of our olive oils are accompanied by the corresponding certificates and certifications, the reliability of which is ensured by laboratories accredited in the ESYD (National Accreditation System).

4. Ιt is important for our new partners to know that they must deal with us about the quality and quantity of olive oil they need by the end of September at the latest so that we will be able to supply them the olive oil they want to buy.

5. We can also send our olive oil to families abroad living in the same city. The lower quantity for a convenient transportation cost is about 200 Kgs.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for price list and transportation cost. The info that we need is the destination country, the city address and the postal code.