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aristion awardsSilver Award with 84/100 rating in the international competition “Gold Aristion Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Award”, held in London on 9-10 April 2016.

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  • The very low acidity of this class coupled with the low oxidation state (K and peroxides) means that the olives were transferred in time for the oil extraction, the oil is fresh and such oils can last more than two years if stored properly.
  • Non-detection of pesticide residues (control of 170 pesticides such as organic) makes our olive oil guaranteed to consumers.
  • The very high content of polyphenols crosslinked with both classic and modern measurement methods means that the olives were milled green (green olive oil) and the water temperature during the oil extraction was low (cold extraction). Polyphenols are an excellent antioxidant that protect the oil from oxidation and also have antioxidant and anticancer properties in humans.
    We dare the release of  the contained polyphenols in this class for what it should appear distinct from the others. Who else dare to do it?
  • Its unique bitter taste together with a mild spicy after taste make it ideal for salads and after cooking use.
  • It is amazing how the Premium “Pasiphae by Kokkinakis” gives freshness and its aromas when put raw onto grilled, steamed or boiled vegetables as well as hot and cold foods.
  • In short, a Premium olive oil is used raw onto the foods to enjoy the aromas, the taste and to get the health benefits that provides.

The Pasiphae by Kokkinakis Premium, 2016 harvest, has been certified by the University of Athens as an Excellent Medicinal Health Product 

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Premium Category Certificates 2016:

Certificate of Analysis 466201623.12.2016

Certificates of Analysis no 5925616.12.2016